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How many genders are there now 🤔

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11 hours ago, team tractor said:

My oldest daughter is now my son 🙈. She has 3-4 mates that have changed gender too. 
personally I think it’s a mental health problem. She’s a Tom boy and a lesbian which I’m cool with . It breaks my heart to be fair . She won’t even talk to me now even tho I’ve supported her. 

i know a fellow joiner that is now a woman. Amazing joiner and I use her name but she’s covered in cuts off self harming 

My youngest lad has taken to wearing make up , cats ears and sometimes a maid outfit - he recently wore it to a gaming convention in Birmingham - he is nearly 17 and I put it all down to the group he has fell in with on-line and now at college - he refuses to come out with a gender. I hope it is in the genes as my wife was a full on punk in her day - and used to knock about with Pete Burns and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

TBH we have had some arguments over it - he doesn't like it when I self identify as a Harrier Jump Jet and try to do a vertical take off. I sometimes identify as a Vulcan bomber and try to bomb the runway at the Falklands - I did make it there once - 1987 for a 4 month tour 😂 - it gives me more right than the stupid claptrap that a lot come out with.

I do concur that there is an element of dysmorphia or self esteem issues with a lot of these people

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9 minutes ago, redial said:

I went to a work training event (NHS).

A psychologist talked us through two sides of A4 paper, that listed various genders.


I wonder how many front line staff could have been paid using the cost of that session and its provider.

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One of my daughters best friends identifies as male now, and had done for some time. Her parents are fine with it but she was told not to tell her grandmother as she just wouldn’t understand, and may disinherit her ( wealthy farming family ) and it would have upset her greatly. 
She intends to go through the entire development from female to male, as far as is currently possible, but I don’t know at what stage she is in her development as a bloke, other than my daughter and all her friends now call her Stan. 
My daughter says she/he is much happier now. 
We can’t help the way we’re wired up; it’s not a lifestyle choice. 

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6 hours ago, mel b3 said:

Of all the names that I could think of to describe a coke sniffer , " clean head " would never be one of them.

Mind you , I smoked for about 30 years , so I'm just as much of an idiot as any other drug user.

That is impressive mel that you got off them. All power to you. 👍

Cocaine use leads to needing more and more of the drug to attain the same 'highs' as experienced before incresing infection risks, overdose, stroke, heart attack among other others things.

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20 hours ago, mel b3 said:

When I worked the doors , it never ceased to amaze me how someone could enjoy sniffing coke from a toilet seat/cistern , or having a quickie in there . Pub / club toilets are pretty grim places on a busy night .

That reminds me of that terrible schoolboy joke:-

"Mummy, Mummy, can I please lick around the bowl?"

"No! Just pull the chain like everyone else".

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The daughter of a very good friend, has decided that she wants to be a male. She is going through the process with the NHS and is genuine in her wish. She - soon to be he, is a smashing person and I wish her / him well. It is a free country and I support anyone who is genuine and wishes to change.

What I do have a problem with is the people who invent another 100 or 200 new genders. i don't believe it helps anyone. The training mentioned before is just like "The emperor's new clothes". 

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Ive been at my current place of work for 20 years now and seen god knows how many different kind of people and seen some very weird things. 

Now Monday evening while clocking out i saw coming down the stairs from the office who i thought was a number cruncher who sits next to the General manager, she is a formidable woman who but i do occasionally have a cheeky smile off, she is mousy blond with a not too unattractive figure. Anyway not wanting to be a perve and stair as she came down stairs i i looked away and swiped my clock card to end my shift, then came the shock of all shocks.

With a deep broad brumy accent this voice asked me "how are you doing mate," ??? 

Well whats the answer thats on the tip of my tongue ??? 


"Its been a lovely day today hasnt it"  Get the hell out of here, you wouldn't believe how close i was to asking were the fancy dress party is. 

The chap or chap'ess ?  used to sort out our IT, got on quite well with him and always had a laugh in a normal male to male way. 


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In my final couple of years at work we had a male temp that came to work dressed as a pretty unconvincing woman.

The women in the office hated him and because he used their toilets so they would insist that they were accompanied by another female member of  staff. if they had to visit

Not good for productivity and caused a lot of ill feeling and resentment



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On 17/05/2022 at 11:47, 7daysinaweek said:

That is impressive mel that you got off them. All power to you. 👍

Cocaine use leads to needing more and more of the drug to attain the same 'highs' as experienced before incresing infection risks, overdose, stroke, heart attack among other others things.

So All Good Then 🤔

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1 hour ago, old man said:

I once worked with somebody named Brian, does that count?


28 minutes ago, steve s×s said:

Yes, what about male and female couplings can we still use them without getting into trouble 🤪

If you use protection it shouldn’t be a problem. 

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Gender is made up bull****. Wear whatever make up, clothes or hairstyle you like. Biological sex is immutable. I feel so sorry for the young girls who don't want to be treated the way the world treats females and who see this as a way out. 

Who profits from telling people they can be happy if they have surgery and a lifetime dependency on drugs? Surgeons and drug sellers. I have to take a pill every day or I will quickly become unable to function with a risk of death. Why would anyone sign up for that just because they don't want to confirm to sex stereotypes? 

Amazingly it's a lot of we middle aged women who are the most gender non conforming. No makeup, no skirts, no grooming, like guns and maths and having an opinion. Do one of these stupid quizzes and they tell me I am very trans. It's because I am a person, not a stereotype of a weird 1950s American version of female. And I'm still a better woman than a man who has had surgery to turn himself into a fascimile of a porn idea of a female. Autogynophilic men getting a hard on violating women's boundaries make me sick. Porn addled narcissists, not the old school dysphoric homosexuals. 

Remember, Gents: when it comes to gender we are ALL non-binary 😂





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