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Reasonable timeframe for rfd transfers.This one is Disgraceful.

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I  recently bought an air rifle from a lad on here, and through no fault on his part the  gun needed sent up here to my rfd since we have the benefit of airgun licences in Scotland. Having taken the gun into his gunshop on  Saturday one would expect -reasonably speaking, that it would be packed up and shipped Monday or maybe Tuesday after the recipient dealers details had ben acquired. i expected it yesterday. No gun. i expected it today,still no gun. So i call in to my rfd who say this gunshop have only just phoned him  to get his dealers details. That's  5 solid days after they get it delivered into their shop ,excluding Sunday that would actually  make it 6 days .I ask when it should be here .Im told probably Monday. No apologies no concern ,just arrogance .9 days. Thats probably 9  days folks. A cockylittle man  who says he was "busy". I ask him why he did not phone up and sort dealer details on monday--they were "busy" He's paid of course good money to send the item up but hes "busy". Next time anyone is in or near Crawfords shooting supplies remind the  arrogant individual  he is paid good money for a reasonable service ,not to mess people about because he is "busy".Worst service i have came across  in a dealership .

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21 hours ago, scarecrow243 said:

should have got it sent parcel force express 48

I was going to ask, if it was a private sale surely there is no need to go via an rfd? I may be wrong but would like to know for my own interest

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Was going to refrain from commenting but couldn't resist.

Whilst I agree that it's not great service I think the OP is a bit OTT on this.

To play devil's advocate:

Gun dropped to dealer on Saturday. 

Closed Sunday.

Catch up/tidy up from weekend(possibly contact receiving rfd if they are available) Monday

Closed Tuesday (me)

Speak to receiving rfd weds, pack gun and confirm details.

Book collection weds/Thurs

Gun collected thurs/fri (completely at the mercy of PF)

No deliveries weekend.

Gun arrive to receiving rfd mon/tue/even weds. Assuming they are open all of those days.

Doesn't seem like such an extraction of urine.

Can't comment on the way OP may have been spoken to but time frame doesn't seem so bad. I've waited much longer.




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37 minutes ago, mellors said:


But like the op says there on licence up there. Perhaps that's why. 

nope it does not matter in scotland we can buy any air rifle under 12ft1lb or sell an air privately  so no need for r.f.d. unless you are buying from one

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