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Hi gang.

                After losing my Whippet recently to ill health i'm looking for another one.

                 Up to 2 yrs old dog or bitch. Tried local rescue centres but no luck.

                                                                                                            Thanks all.

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Hi Samboy,

There is a 9 month old Whippet dog for sale on Pets4homes in Northfleet Green in Gravesend .

KC registered and vaccinations to date £500
Tel. +44 7983017164

Don’t know, what price you are willing to spend ?

There are some silly prices being advertised at the moment, and wait a few months and the sellers will be reducing the prices , because they can’t sell the dogs and pups.

I have kept running dogs for 35 years and lost my working whippet 5 years ago unexpectedly and had died overnight in the kennel.

I still have a Collie Lurcher and she is 15 years old and has had a very good working life and sadly, I’ve made the decision to have her put down next week! due to I’ll health and old age.

This is my last running dog and an end of an era.

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