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Like him or loath him, thought some might enjoy this vid

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11 hours ago, enfieldspares said:

Interesting thing that I never knew, saw on the internet, and an ex-Army friend (twenty-two years in the Parachute Regiment) confirmed was true, is rabbit starvation. Which over history was fatal to a number of explorers and settlers. Apparently a continuous diet of rabbit meat is not good. As said in fact it is fatal as it takes more from the person eating it than it gives. Not a lot of people know that in the US Army survival manual is says that if the only source of food available is rabbit it is better not to eat at all. 


The problem isn't eating rabbit or venison, the issue is only eating the meat (muscle) and not eating everything else. You need to eat the offal and brains as well as they contain the vitamins, minerals and fats.



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On 29/05/2022 at 16:45, islandgun said:

Who doesn't like a fry up ? sadly for the last 15yrs or so I've also had to put up with the food i serve my customers, lobster, langoustine, crab, scallops, fish, venison or my home grown meat and veg.......  or rabbit 😁

I'm not allowed fryups very often.   Got to be sensible they say.   Sounds like you are really slumming it at your establishment.   Still some ones got to do it I suppose.

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