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Still very quiet

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I had a call last week asking me to shoot some peas as the farmer had pushed “300” pigeon off them. He said the birds start flighting around 5 o’clock which meant I could get there after work in plenty of time. I arrived Wednesday about 4 and there wasn’t a bird in sight. I set up anyway to keep the farmer happy and finished with 17 birds. 

Yesterday afternoon I was on dad duties so I strapped the boy in the truck and went to try and find something for today. I checked every farm with peas on and covered over 80 miles in my search to find hardly a bird. As I was leaving the last farm to go home I watched a small group of birds flight down a very deep valley and come out the other side and drop in to a field that wasn’t on a farm I shoot. I made a call to the farmer who’s ground I was on and 10 minutes later I had the go ahead. The field turned out to be a very sparse crop of winter barley. I knew it wasn’t going to be a big bag so I decided to get there at 3 and shoot until it went quiet. I went armed with my new Bettinsoli .410 and some steel home loads and finished with 24 pigeons. The views certainly made up for the small bag






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They may not be large bags but worth going out for and having a few hrs in the countryside ! I`ve had a couple of 2 hr sessions on legume mixes where you get a dozen or so but really enjoy it all the same .....

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A very nice bag with your new(ish) 4.10 Ben , we are entering the time of year where it is neither one thing or the other , most of the tree buds would now be in leaf and the crops are at best half grown , the Winter Barley is now well up and getting ears on but still around four weeks away from expecting blown patches after any strong winds and heavy rain , are Peas seem slow this year with hardly no movement in growth after a long dry spell , having said that I am pottering about in the garage today due to it raining hard , in the ideal world I would like to leave the Pigeons what are going on the Peas alone until it is worth having a decent afternoon , but if I done that the farm would put a gas gun on as I told them I would go at least once a week if the guns are left off , at the moment you leave them alone for a week and when you go you just about reach breaking into double figures , still it's a lovely time of the year and there are a lot worse things to do than sitting in the countryside watching the wildlife world go by . 

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