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Airarms s410 XTRA FAC started losing air


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 I went to fill my s410 xtra fac and afterwards I purged it and tried taking the probe of as Normal and it went of with a loud pop and now its not holding its air and it seems to be losing it out the hole in the side where the small filter/gauze is. As shown below. Apart from the bust o-ring I cant understand why its leaking. Any adeas folks


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46 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, cloverleaf on the UK AGF is the man to contact 👍

👍🏻 thanks for that.. I've removed the valve,and the o-ring on the small valve inside seems to have just aged I'm thinking, as its gone tapered and a tad hard so I'm going to fit a new seal kit a see if that fettle it .

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