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My Day Out!

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The other day as we were letting out the geese, unfortunatly we found a dead 1 laying down on it's head, we have no idea how it died.

We placed it in a wheel barrow and left it over night!

We came back in the morning only to find it's whole face and stomach was ripped apart! My dad and I suspected that the rats have been eating it so we place 2 rat traps around it and on it hoping we would get the rats. We went back there this morning to have a look and unfortunatly we found a crow with it's leg stuck in the trap! It was only it's foot in the trap! I said to my dad straight away ''shall I put it out of it's missery''. My dad replied ''No! it will survive it only has a bad cut on it's leg'' so I quickly took a picture and let the poor thing go! I must admit I did feel a little soory for it, now we have decided not to place the traps outside again!

When I shoot crow and kill them it is ok, but if i find one caught up in wire or traps or even in a shed I le it go!

I dont know what you would do!


(I blinked the picture was taken)


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