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Thoughts on charging.

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As most will remember I asked opinions on EV Quads in particular the Quadzilla EV quad.  Now for most of my use I would probably be ok on a full charge but was wondering about what if I put a set of cells on the roof through a charging unit so when in use the batteries would be topped up on the move or stationary.  I have not a clue how such things work or if they would. I am sure there are more than a few on here who could make a comment...sensible ones please.

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Yes, in theory there should be no problem with this. Apart from your solar cells you would also need the actual charging unit plus a charge control unit, this would prevent the battery from overcharging. 

I use this system myself to keep the leisure batteries for my caravan topped up, it works very well for this and best results are obtained by making sure the solar panel/s are angled towards the sun whenever possible.

Shopping around will get you a reasonable priced kit, (see attached example)  which are easy to assemble and wire up. 


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Thanks.  It just seems a good idea that when I am sitting in a hide whacking tree rats the batteries are getting topped up. Seriously considering one of those EV Quadzillas so I will make enquiries with the supplier of the possibility.

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