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bad luck fall

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2 hours ago, Rob85 said:

Thats going to give the wallet a nasty burn! Beautiful gun that it is though I'm sure it will be worth it. Hope you're all good and no bumps or bruises 

Of course it is worth it. 
But not if he only wants to sell it!

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I believe its worth the steep price of restocking with a very nice blank I had been saving for another gun . This one forced me to resign from the anti 20 bore society as it pointed like a magic wand as if it were an extension of my body

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I was lucky with my 16, the gunsmith just happened to have a broken rifle stock with a nice grain in the wood almost identical to the original and when finished it looked and felt the same.  Find a good stocker to do the job.

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Thanks for the lead for a stocker I am lucky to know a gunmaker who trained in Austria and is a true artist who did the stocking of this gun to my measurements.

I'm a yank and sending Guns to England for service is near impossible. my insurance covers fire/theft but not repairs

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Posted (edited)

AH Fox XE grade.  from 1912 catalogue



"The FOX GUN"( A.H. Fox "Wood Grain" Catalog A.H. Fox Gun Company, Philadelphia, Pa.)

The XE is the result of the increasing demand for a gun which shall be as nearly perfect for the purpose as it is possible to be made. Each gun receives and elaborate amount of handwork, which, in spite of the number of cheap machine-made guns built, is still the only way to produce a really accurate and high grade gun.

THE BARRELS, which are of high quality Chromox Fluid Steel, receive the most attention of any part of this gun. In addition to the regular tests, these barrels are first selected from large lots and then carefully reamed, polished and tested until the pattern not only gives the choke desired with standard loads but an exceedingly even pattern as well. No such careful workmanship as is used on this and our "D" grade has ever been put into an American gun. The result makes an ideal gun.

THE STOCK- of beautifully marked Circassian Walnut, oil finished, is made with full pistol, half pistol or straight grip, or in the Monte Carlo type, as desired.

THE ENGRAVING- of new design, conforms to the artistic standard of the other high grade FOX Guns. It has never been equaled before in a gun under $200.

While primarily a trap gun, the "XE" grade is also furnished for other work in any gauge or barrel length. In every case the same painstaking hand labor is employed to make each gun as perfect in shooting quality as it is possible to be. Always furnished with Automatic Ejector, Silver's Recoil Pad and Lyman Sights, unless otherwise ordered.

26, 28, 30, 32-inch barrels

Weight 5 1/2 to 6 3/4 lbs- 20 gauge


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