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Anal Glands

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Rubber glove, lube and gentle pressure between thumb on outside of gland and finger inserted, and stretch them gently towards you in a gentle squeeze\caress Into some kitchen roll

 Tip... Wear old clothes and keep your face well out the way in case of squirting.


If you are using more pressure than setting the wings on a fishing fly or playing with your other half a nipples you are doing it too hard..... ;)

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i have done other peoples dogs............never done my dogs ....i think part of the reason was that i used to mix chopped up pelts in their food....i think the reason why we have to do it is food related.......when dogs drag their bottoms across the grass it can mean that the glands need to be expressed......my vet showed me how to do it....think they are quite gratefull they dont have to deal with it...as sometimes it can be very pungent🤢

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My spitz klein needs his glands doing occasionally now he is older. Easy to do. As Stonepark said, lube, rubber gloves (thin surgical so you can feel for the swelling) and kitchen towel. I usually have a bowl of soapy water to wash the bum afterwards as it smells and the other dogs pester him otherwise.

There are a lot of instructional videos on youtube.

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4 hours ago, billytheghillie said:

Done them as advised above, not much came out. Now i have noticed small patches of blood on carpet where he has been sitting/lying and a bit blood in his poo. Think a trip to vets is in order.

When I took mine to the vet to have his glands expressed he ended up bleeding a little and in a day or so had an infection ,so the vet is a good idea ,antibiotics sorted him out.

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