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New Top Gear


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1 hour ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, maybe the BBC think it's going to appeal to kindergarten children 🤔

Surely that's exactly the level of "humour" that the provocative fat shouty one employed in the original series.

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It's weird, isn't it?

The beeb were desperate, absolutely desperate, to get rid of it.  Then the accountants pitched in and stopped them, using goose/golden egg-style arguments.  Then Clarkson did the job for them, and thumped a colleague (sidenote: The rest of us could expect to lose our SGCs/FACs for such an incident).

Then they....brought it back with a litany of 'famous' people with extremely limited aptitude (Chris Evans for Crissakes).  Now presumably, with international sales in the toilet, it's costing them (our) money to make and no-one is watching it.  Actually, wait, that fits perfectly with the BBC's model.


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People do shows/series and really it is the 'stars' people watch - the show is only a vehicle for the stars to do what they do best.

  • Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise - did - Morecambe & Wise - a huge hit, and you couldn't drop two others in their place and have the same show
  • Ronnies Cornett and Barker - did - The Two Ronnies - a huge hit, and you couldn't drop two others in their place and have the same show

Top Gear was in effect the Clarkson, Hammond and May Show.  You can't just drop in different people and have the same show.  The fact that the same "Clarkson, Hammond and May Show" team worked quite well for Grand Tour shows that really it is the people - and not the show/script/antics that 'work' as entertainment.

Also all of the Clarkson, Hammond and May team have done solo work, with varying success, but I liked Clarkson's Farm immensely, and Hammond's current short series on British Rivers I have also enjoyed, though it is In my opinion) rather lightweight.  May's solo stuff is also OK, though I have not watched much of it, when I do see it I usually watch until the end.

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2 minutes ago, Mice! said:

Brilliant,  if it's still Flintoff and Paddy then we'll happily watch, it's far from a serious car program.

Exactly, it's never been about cars since the Clarkson days, cars/vehicles just form part of the silliness.

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It hasn’t been a car consumer programme since the days of Angela Ripon.

It’s a light entertainment programme about three blokes larking about in cars, and has never really worked at that either since Clarkson was fired and took May and Hammond with him. 
Clarkson revolutionised Top Gear, and he and Andy Gilman turned it into the BBC’s biggest money spinner. 
Their fame, popularity and capacity to attract income via tv ratings hasn’t diminished one bit, especially that of Clarkson. The same cannot be said of their substitutes on the current programme. 

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