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Chokes for DTL

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48 minutes ago, Gerry78 said:






Cheers lads all good advice i put 1/2-3/4 in this morning out of 60 DTL  3 lines on my average score I shot 51 i was hitting them as best I could straight out of the trap I was using lynevale english 7 1/2s cartridges I’ve been smitten by the clay bug after years of Wildfowling What I have realised you don’t be too long going thru the cartridges 😊😊 

As you’ve discovered, the good thing about shooting clays, is that there’s minimum prep needed. You just turn up and shoot. Yes, you soon get through LOTS of cartridges! 

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43 minutes ago, Gordon R said:

Jim used a Remington 1100 and a Krieghoff - the only time I have heard of choke being put back into a barrel. I recall John using the same guns, but also his pump action model 12 Remington (not Winchester - senior moment).

I was surprised by his choice of the Diamond grade. I owned one and loved how it felt, but could never shoot well with it on sporting. I should have tried it on DTL They still look a better quality gun than most on sale today. I get tempted to buy another every time I see one for sale.

My DG was the Sporter model.
I totally agree about the quality.
If I recall, the DG trap version has ported barrels, which makes it ( apart from the engraving ) identical, even down to the stepped rib, to the 8500. 
Personally I don’t believe anyone could go wrong with either models. 

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I had a Remmy with the Cutts on and it did have slectable chokes but I used that predominatably for skeet.  Then they banned the Cutts because it apparently threw the sound sideways or something///PARDON!!  I purchased it from a family who's son inlaw had committed suicide with it. Got a lot of stick over that but why let a perfectly good shotgun be melted down just because ?

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