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First day on peas - or anywhere

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Hi Folks 

I finally got the decoys out today after a prolonged spell of inactivity. I had been watching a couple of back to back pea fields which have enjoyed some fantastic growing weather recently- and I spotted about 50 pigeons scattered over one of the fields. Today was my only opportunity and the conditions were good- if a little bit too wind.

I was at the field at 11am and spent 20 minutes watching the flightline into the field before deciding where to set up. I had a nice hide in a high hedge  which gave me shelter from the wind. The sillo decoys were bellowing like a pipers cheek- and the first two came straight in - good I thought it will be two for the magnet- I stood up and fired at the easy one first and totally missed, the second barrel was pure hope as they were off on the wind- well it’s been a while.

Next a bunch of five came in and I connected with one - again the wind was so strong that a flick of the wing and they were out of range.

More begin to arrive and I was picking away- mostly singles including one high one which flew over the hide.

Not sure if the magnet made any difference today as everything that came past came for a look before I set it up - but as I had carried it a long way I thought I would use it.

The flightline was not a strong one and I had long spells without a shot. 
By 4pm I had  had enough and packed up my 25 pigeons plus 2 I lost in the rape field behind my hide.

It was just nice to be out again- I hopefully these fields will give me at least one more opportunity.



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Nice write up, well done. I haven't been out since April as my wife ain't been well and there ain't been much about. Reading shorts like this make me want to load up the car and get out. Keep them coming.

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