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Mozambique drill

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I used to always go for head shots on squirrels with the air rifles but recently have switched to a double tap. First one through the ribs puts them motionless on the deck and then quickly cycle the bolt the second is an immediate coup de grace to the head. Taking headshots on skittish tree rats was leading to the odd miss or rarely a non fatal (face etc) shot that really put the cat amongst the pigeons. From pictures it looks like most favoured headshots, what’s the consensus?

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I had a couple this last week with my 12ftlb  177 Bullpup but at about 10yrds. They would not keep their heads still so popped them through the ribs and they went down without hardly a twitch where head shots they often bounce about. Interestingly the 177s had gone right through.I suppose I shoot 50/50 according to what is offered.

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