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Can any of you guys recommend a good tactical rifle slip for my hw100 kt fitted with pard 008 . I’m tempted to buy a AIM drag bag but the price is putting me off slightly.

I’ve read reviews they really are the dogs danglies 

thanks in advance folks 👍👍

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If you use your kit the Aim bags are superb. Detachable shoulder straps, Pocket to hold them onboard, opens out to carry mat, pockets for ammo flask etc, side hooks, webbing liner, long barrel adapter, tough as tough can be. I am more than happy to criticise kit as most of it is built by someone who rarely if ever uses the stuff, aim bags are in a league of there own. 

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My rifle bag buys over the years from what can remember.

Game fair bags various £30

Canvas cotton from local shop £10

Garlands big camo bag £30.

Buffalo River £25

All of the above plus more have failed due to zips,holes or straps coming undone at the stitching. 

Is spending £150 worth it ? 



Ridge line are similar and pretty good. 

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1 hour ago, bottletopbill said:

Elite are exactly the same as Aim and meant to be made in same factory in china paid £107. for one a few weeks back mate as a new Aim bag we struggled to find a difference.

Me neither , the design , stitching and materials are exactly the same, Ive had one about 18 months now , and it gets used more than the AIM one, no wear , no zip issues.
Highly recommended.

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