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Forgotten who said it

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From a previous read I noticed someone mentioning barley was on the menu for pigeons in his area. We’ve been on a couple of pea fields about four miles apart, on and off for the last month taking around 50 to 75 birds each visit. Yesterday I noticed quite a few pigeons overflying the pea field to an adjacent farm’s barley fields but couldn’t actually see them landing. Two of us set up around 11.00 am ( pensioners so no way we’re up early) but things were quiet till mid afternoon when the pigeons decided to ‘have some greens’ so I finished on 75 with the seventy fifth bird taking an embarrassing three shots to down! 
I had dropped some highish going away birds that were out in the fairly tall peas and when collecting found the crops near full of pretty green barley fruit so they had been on corn with no sign of pea leaves in there. The other decoyed birds had either empty crops or a small amount of chopped pea leaves in. No ‘squabbles’ were in the dead birds but quite a few young birds with no neck bands but also no ‘unformed’ feathers around the neck. Although it’s not good for the farmer, I can’t wait for a bit of wind and rain giving me just one accessible’ laid’ patch

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