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Plug in Fuel Saving Devices

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 Hi top people most knowledgeable , has any body used & had any success  or heard from people of trust,    if there is any relevant fuel saving  or are they glossing it up to encourage one to part with ones brass thanks in advance.

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I have had my Nissan NP300 remapped I could not notice any difference to be honest I have fitted a Evc control all it does is takes out the peddle lag so more responsive to pulling away as for saving fuel it will take a long time for me to get my money back all I can say the choice is yours 

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I had my 200TDi Defender upgraded (larger intercooler and tweaked boost and injection pump) by Allard many years ago.  It has two 'modes', power increase and 'normal'.

Power increase does work and takes it roughly to the output level of the same engine is Discovery auto tune state (about 20% increase), but I suspect makes it thirsty as it is a bit 'sooty' when selected, so largely unused. 

In 'normal', the bigger intercooler gives better breathing and better cooling of the inlet air with claimed benefits of cooler running and better economy and drive-ability.  The improvement in economy is fairly slight, but on a long run probably gives about 10% improvement.  I can't really comment on cooler running as it was never a problem, but roughly 25 years use and never needed any unscheduled engine attention is a good indicator that all is well.  Others regular Defender drivers have commented it has better flexibility, but as I drive no other similar vehicles - I can't say I notice it.

Overall - it has been good and since I can't remember what it cost to do - I have no idea if it saves much!

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