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Lots of Miles

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I left work yesterday morning hoping to find some pigeons to shoot. It was forecast to get to 32 degrees so it was going to be a hot one. I checked farm after farm and found nothing. Id been driving for 4 hours and covered a lot of miles but at 2 o’clock I found a weak flight line to a field of peas. I sat and watched for 30 minutes and the line got stronger. It was a long walk to get to where the pigeons wanted to be so I traveled light and left the magnet in the truck. As the afternoon went on larger groups of birds came up the line, some decoyed and some carried on. I think if I’d of taken the magnet I’d of pulled more birds in. I packed up at 6 as the pub was calling and the line had moved way over. I left the dogs at home due to the heat which cost me about 10 birds lost behind me but managed to pick 77 pigeon.



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It would have been a excellent bag under normal conditions but with it been the hottest day of the year it was an outstanding bag , I went and had a look and the first port of call was a lake we have got on the estate to give my dog a swim so he walked around the Pea fields with a dampish coat to keep him a bit cool .

Our Peas have now got flat pods on and would be about three weeks away from been vined , as for Pigeons , the fields were quite but several were in the trees no doubt shading from the heat , going to give it a go early next week , instead of going dinner time I am going to give it a go from mid afternoon till 7 .30 ish or a bit later if they are still about , no harm in trying .

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