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I Won't Hold My Breath


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Owing to the state of the rest of me, open heart surgery is non too clever so TAVI it seems is the way to go and is subject to one final check. Also seems that based on the workload of each, there are two options (not my choice): I can either get myself down to Plymouth for the op' and then get myself back home two days later, or, I can be driven by car to London to a top notch private hospital and then driven back home two days later. Both options courtesy of the NHS.

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Thank you, All.  :thanks: 

The above are options, not choices and it depends on the workload as the surgeon works out of the two locations.

Been kind of lucky as if the particular arthritis treatment hadn't messed with my lungs which resulted in some pulmonary function tests and a switched on medical technician doing them hadn't noticed and asked about my ticker it would not have been discovered that my long term mild stenosis had gone off the Richter scale.

Hope all goes well as I've finally got the new Anschutz sorted to my satisfaction.

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Ian willetts said:

The anshultz  will be waiting for you when you are up and running around get well soon the bunnies are waiting 

Thank you all again. The mobile bench rest keeps me going so not too bad. 


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