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My uncle used them in a converted pin fire damascus barrels forty years ago

I would like a set of pinfire hammers and convert it back

never fired this gun  

Made by Alfred Knight      cant find much about him

Ive still got a box bought thirty years ago kept some in seperate pocket in case a carrion came near when roost shooting


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2 hours ago, snow white said:

Bishop I still got a box of them Russian cartridges god when you let go with them in the dark couldn’t see ****** all for five minutes.

the 2  3/4 rto paper  russians were awesome.we used them on everything. bit harsh on the  ferreting though but rabbits running up the sea wall had no chance 

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2 hours ago, Salmo said:

These are the new ones 38 g only in 3s brought out about 18 months ago ( lead ) 

Clear white case's and deep brass ??? If so a good friend who now lives in Scotland shot plenty of Geese with them last season 👍 

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18 hours ago, Krico woodcock said:

The original "maximum" was a 34g gram load. Use to be the heaviest cartridge you could put through a 2.5" sxs. Great cartridge. 

Very popular cartridge in ireland for roughshooting. No7 Maximum was a killer in the first barrel for pheasants/woodcock. Still a few boxes to be got here and there.

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