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Anschutz Triggers

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1 hour ago, wymberley said:

I don't want to let the cat out of the bag as it were by asking any leading questions, so simply are there any long term Anschutz users who have noticed a difference in the triggers and especially the two stage ones?

A difference between what? 

New releases vs older models?

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Have previously used 22WMR, 22LR and !7HMR in Anschutz flavour all with light 2 stage triggers. The rabbit for all intents and purposes disappeared so I got shot of the rifles in order to buy a decent shotgun or two, just keeping the Ruger 22 Hornet for fox. Now, I can't remember exactly except that all was well with those triggers. My oppo who kept his 22LR and !7HHMR and who also has a 22 Hornet, all Anschutz, which he's had for quite some time swears blind that the first stage on all of his triggers remains light in comparison with the second. I believe him.

I've just bought (mentioned elsewhere on here) a 1761 22WMR and not realising what the arthritis was playing at went, as ever, for the light trigger. Mistake. I couldn't control the first stage at the 'stop' and let fly (initial dry firing). No option, get the heavy unit. Impossible, something not right. In round figures, whereas at the lower end of the scale the first stage is well low compared to the second on both units. However, as you increased the loading, the ratio between the stages reversed. I gave in and bought a single stage heavy unit (which seems fine by my measurements at 800g) when the loading on the heavy two stage got to 1000g first and 200g second giving the max of 1200g which was unworkable for me. I will need to check the 800g in the field to be sure as I've only fired the rifle with the default setting of 1000g - this I measured by dead-weight and also spring balance to be 1200g which is the stated max, but there was plenty of adjustment up left. My 800g was as low as I would go because of the adjustment screw thread engagement. The lower end is supposed to be 400g

While toing and froing to get the triggers changed, I had a play with a Weihrauch 22WMR with a two stage trigger with the second set at 600g. No problem.

Now there is Anschutz USA, have we 'benefitted' from their idea of trigger pulls one wonders?

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