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.223 vs 7.62 - which would you try first?

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So a lovely member here has invited me shooting, and the 2 club guns are .223 and 7.62. 

Which would you choose to shoot if you've never shot before, and why? 


It's more for fun debate, the .223 has been recommended by my host and I am more than happy with that for a first time. 

I don't know the difference so I am curious to what people think is the better beginner shot and why :)
The floor is yours, should you so choose :)

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4 minutes ago, Windswept said:

223 rounds are cheaper and there's far less recoil than a 308.

There is quite a bit of difference between the two recoil wise, dependant what rifle you’re putting them through. 

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.223 for the above reasons, but maybe you just want to have some fun with a loud bang stick? If so, the .308. I have a 7mm08 which is very similar to a .308. I don't particularly enjoy shooting it, but it is the right tool for the job on some occasions. 

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I would also say 223. Don't know what range you're shooting but I'd consider target shooting a out to 600yds with a 223. Don't expect little or no recoil from the 223 either. 

If you want the "full experience" go with the 308. It's very loud! You'll want to double up with ear plugs and cans, and it'll give you a good shove in the shoulder. 100yds is a bit of a waste but 1000 is quite doable. 

Most of all though is have fun. I shall be at Bisley on the 30th doing just that. 

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27 minutes ago, Mr.C said:

100yds is a bit of a waste

That goes for both calibres, 100 yards should be bullet on bullet.

That being said if they have a club .303 lee enfield, 100 yards is great fun, and would be my choice of rifle at that distance.

600 with a .223 is doable with good conditions, but if it very windy I wouldn't bother.

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It's really good hearing opinions on here! 

I think this weekend is maybe 500/600 yards? I am sure the 223 will be stellar! Hopefully will get to play with a few other guns if some of the members are open to it :)

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