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Pea stubble 90 minute blast

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We spotted some pigeons in good numbers yesterday on a field of pea stubble so although we are a bit pushed for time this week we did manage to grab a short session today. All we had with us were a few cradles so the first challenge was to shoot the first one. I love this sort of challenge that relies more on field craft than 'gizmos'.

After clapping off the feeding birds we stood simply at the edge of a wood - no nets - just using stillness of body not to give the game away that we were there - green works just as well as expensive camo if you stand still!

We should (as always) have been a little more selective in the shots we took but with just 61 cartridges between us 26 birds hit the deck. Breasting out at home was done as fast as possible with the green bottles desperate to lay their eggs.

A few pounds of meat for stews and the bbq is a very welcome bonus these days.

We left the field with the pigeons still coming back so maybe we will get another chance this week - you just never know if the pigeons have read the script though.


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That is early for pea stubble , well it is for us and I can't wait till ours are done , this then make life easy with being able to drive anywhere you like , I say can't wait but three of our fields are going for seed so they will be possibly another month , these sort of fields are worth waiting for as they can produce good shooting , anyhow it will be only a matter of time , bring it on .

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6 minutes ago, the hitman said:

Nice write up- and well shot.

As MM said it’s a early for pea stubble this also applies to me but I still have it to come.

Hopefully you will get another crack at them before the plough comes out .


We used to be one of the first in the area to be vined , this was the last week in June or the first few days in July , I used to have my weeks holiday the same week the Royal Norfolk Show was on , I would be shooting Pigeons on Peas for the first two to three days that were either cut or ready to be cut , then a day up the show for a mid week break and then back on Peas or stubble for the rest of the week until I went back to work on the Monday , happy days then but would now be way to much and two or three afternoons is more than enough .

I found the early Peas the best as the later ones were vined just as the grain harvest was starting and two weeks of cutting weather you have got 100s of acres  that pigeons can feed on .

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