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A Late report, Busy Week

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I’ve never known a period of shooting with the quarry so spread out  and fickle with the feeding patterns. We had orders to fill and the birds were all over the place, bunny_blaster had set us up with 77 on Friday on peas. We went out with Topgunners on Saturday as they had some birds on peas as we drove over to them we went through a tremendous thunderstorm. We met up at the pea field and watched it for a good twenty minutes and it had two flightlines coming to the field.

The lads informed us that the best position to shoot the field was on the far side and the birds were sitting on the wires so we drove around and set up in the corner of the field with the magnet and two flappers. The first two birds in sat on the wires about eighty meters from the hide!!

As the day progresses TGs returned to the field not finding any other viable shooting and set up on another of the flightlines. This caused the birds to flight down the far edge of the field and go out of sight we could see them setting for a sitty tree on a grass field. We had a few rain showers during the day . it was getting on now and we could see a mass of cloud on the horizon and decided to pack up, hence no picture. It was a good job as the rain started as we drove around the field the other way and found that the sitty tree was on the edge of the peas due to a dog leg in the field!!

We finished the day with 63.

On Tuesday I had a call to thin out some corvids which were eating the lambs food out of the troughs. I arrived at 08.00and started shooting at 08.30 and shot for four hourd as I had other commitments. I managed to pick up 134 corvids and the farmer was pleased and requested that i return. BB contacted me the next day and informed me that he had a request for some steel shot crows unfortunately mine had been shot with lead and were now in the farmers waste pit.



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Well at least you are finding a concentration of birds because as you say they do seem to-be all over the place at the minute, well done on your bag and that's a very good bag on the blacks, looks like most are Jackdaws? Their numbers seem to have increased big time in the last two/three years.

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A very good report as per normal , Could you kindly try and keep us up to date on the normal times which in the past was Saturday night , the reason I ask is with me staying up late while expecting the report I am losing some of my beauty sleep and I have now got very little ,if any left to lose :lol:

 I was going to say the exactly the same about the Pigeons being spread out far and wide , in some respects we are lucky with having a lot of grain fields to shoot over but we haven't got a huge amount of Pigeons to cover all the land we have got , today was just a looking day and every time you go out you see a few Pigeons on the wires that were not there a couple of days ago , on one of our Pea fields we have got three Winter barley fields that are on three sides and a rape field on the forth side , the rape have been sprayed off and a few Pigeons are dropping in the thin patches , two of the barley fields have got wires going across and are now attracting a few Pigeons and Covids , and the other barley field is drawing in several Covids plus the Peas in the middle have now got sizeable pods on , as for shooting , the barley haven't got a stem out of place and you could easily do more damage than the Pigeons , same with the rape which is also a nightmare for a dog , the Peas can be shot over although they are very high , the best and safest place is a wide game cover that run both sides of a long hedge , this is ideal as the plants are short enough to put decoys on and you can put a magnet on the edge of the barley field , not big numbers expected but enough to pass the afternoon away .

PS .... With the cold Spring and a long dry spell this year the harvest could start a bit later than normal , could now be the third or forth week in July , but like all things in life it could change from day to day .

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