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Pellet testing at 20 yds with Morini air pistol


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A bit more pellet testing with my Morini162ei airpistol today at 20 yards. A good bit better than I expected to be honest.

Ten different pellets with pistol clamped to a not too solid wooden lightweight bench. All 5 shot groups and all under .7"

The R10's retail at around £10/500, Hobby £6.50 and the HN Excite are less that £4/500. Hardly any difference in group size





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Interesting, I think some of the different pellet groups would start to open up a bit at longer range. That’s where the quality starts to show up, not so much at shorter range. I got good groups at twenty yards using marksman pellets at £1:37 / 200 box, but at 35 yards they were poor to say the least. Not that 35 yards matters that much for air pistol shooting of course. Thanks for sharing 👍

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