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BSA Ultra MMC service

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3 hours ago, welshwarrior said:

Anyone recommend somewhere/someone to service and tune a BSA Ultra MMC for my FIL? It’s losing pressure and I just don’t have time right now to get it to pieces and fix it. 

ide be happy to sort it if need be,you can post action direct or i use parcelforce to collect and redeliver,turn around is generally 3 to 5 days

it wont just be repaired/all seal changed,polished where its needed,lubed up and power adjusted if its up/down

i also guarantee my work

send me a pm if you cant get it sorted nearer home.

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On 05/07/2022 at 08:59, enfieldspares said:

I've always been very very happy with Phil Crampton's work at RatWorks in Leicestershire, He'll also set the gun to a sensible power that's just below 12 ft/lbs so as to be comfortably legal.

Another vote here for Phil Crampton aka Ratworks,totally transformed my Mk2 R10,money well spent & worth every penny!.

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17 minutes ago, welshwarrior said:

just got the Ultra back from Logunator and as suspect it need a fair bit of love the FILs good deal was mess with.  It’s now much smoother full testing to follow but very happy.  

Glad to hear it 👍

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