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Greyhounds ?.

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Hi gang.

               Was half thinking of getting a rescue greyhound. Pros and cons please.

                                                                                                              Thanks all.

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We've had a lot (step mum was to do with 'greyhound rescue wales' so we always took a few on).

Can make great pets, but they can be in a right state when you take them on. One we had, was a ex racer, found in the woods hanging by his neck, badly malnourished with his legs broken (one had to be amputated). He had a lot of trust issues, which took a long time to fix and didn't tolerate other dogs at the food bowl till his end. Another we had killed next doors Yorkie when it snuck in, it just saw a fur ball and then it was dead... 

Also 'sash' was a ****** in the field, let off the lead, straight into hunter mode (bearing in mind he was the above dog with 3 legs) he was off and wouldn't stop for no rabbit. So so fast. Beautiful obedient dog in your own yard, swine in a field. Lived to 16yo I think, we had him over 10 years. 

The things racing dogs have done to them would make you sick, if you have the patience they can make a great dog. 


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Couple of ‘rescue’ (I.e. second hand) greyhounds took a chunk out of my old bitch as my dogs were running to heel next to my bicycle. I tracked down and tore a strip off the owners. They paid the vet bills and kept their dogs muzzled at all times after that. Probably would be better to just put them (old racers or any dog that bites unprovoked) down in my opinion but people are very sentimental. 

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We have had one for seven years now , he has been no trouble, forty minutes walking a day, sleeps the rest, punctuated with meals, we muzzled him the first six - seven month to be on the safe side, he is good with other dogs but not cats or squirrels. feed greyhound with food no more than 20% protein   they become aggressive, under that they are fine . They are sofa surfers a enjoy their comfort that just want to feel loved and safe

ps their farts can clear a room 

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I had a friend stay recently who has a rescue greyhound.  Very nice natured dog and got on well with my Lab pup and other dogs met on walks.  Seemed fine with squirrels, cats etc. both of which visit my garden.  Only downside is that head is at table level and this one was a thief (piece of steak)!

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