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Pigeon shooting reasurgence ????

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im just wondering ..(like you do)...........about the high fertilizer prices...and how farmers will mitigate (or try to) the expense.....

Will we see a move back to the 1970's farming practice....where stubbles will be left to rot and weed seedlings allowed to come thro and when there is maximum growth before setting seed then it will be ploughed in.......

will we see catch crops

will we see soil improvers start to be grown widescale again

will more spring barley be sown

will more fields be left to winter over


all of this will be of emmense benifit to pigeon shooting................be interesting to see farming practices change

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Crop prices are high enough to offset fertiliser costs at present.

Currently, fert prices have rolled back to £750\t and wheat prices holding about £300\t for milling, £260\t for feed wheat and £640\t for Rapeseed.

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33 minutes ago, Dave at kelton said:

Not just a benefit to pigeon but also over wintering geese.

oooohh ..good point ....they will think they have gone to heaven .....be a change from sugar beet tops 

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