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Laksen Wingfield tweed jacket

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1 hour ago, Smokersmith said:

My general impression of Laksen stuff is that it comes up a bit on the big side.

Not got the experience with this particular jacket though.


Sorry this is not helpful but I have had some Laksen Breeks and they came up very small. I take a 34" waist and their 34" were closer to 30". But again I have not tried this jacket😄

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Thank you - I had contacted Laksen who told me their jackets  generally come up small😳

I would say I’m a true XL 46 /48” so went to 2XL !!!  This must be for a grizzly bear, I couldn’t believe the size of it.

I reckon more like a normal 5 XL. Anyway glad it’s going back because I’m afraid I don’t see the 600 odd quid in it, thank you for the replies 👍

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The only Laksen jacket I own is XL. I’m over 6’ and around 15 stone and it’s always been a good fit. However, I’ve never worn anything more than a t-shirt or thin fleece underneath it as it is an incredibly warm and waterproof jacket. 
It’s a shame you don’t like it; I think Laksen make just about the best winter jackets out there. I’ve had mine for over 15 years, and it’s been beating and shooting in all weathers, and although it’s becoming a tad frayed inside and out it’s never let me down yet. I know they’re expensive but they’re worth it in my opinion. 
The Laksen over trousers I had were outstanding too, until I ripped them on barbed wire! 🥲

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