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Redfield scopes


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They did use to be a quality name. Not quite as good as supposedly Leupold (or so Leupold would have it) but maybe a bit "nicer" than Weaver and better than Bushnell. IMHO anyway. The American environmental protection laws did for Redfield as they'd allowed their factory processes to massively pollute the immediate neighbourhood.

I'd not ever have a problem with an "old school" "Made in USA" Redfield on a rimfire. My stalking rifles all wore German made Zeiss. The modern Redfield branded ones are Chinese (so any premium is for the Redfield name not the quality) and as good as any other Chinese made 'scope of similar price. Which is actually pretty damn good for the money. A good Tasco or Nikko or Chinese made BSA will serve just as well. 

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