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Steel grade for sxs firing pin?

Big Mat

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I've just bought a gun with a broken firing pin, have got all the dimensions from the other pin and can easily get one machined at work. 

I don't know what grade of steel or stainless to use? I was thinking of one of the harder steels, we've got quite a variety in stock. 

Any suggestions?




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i would suggest using an O1 tool steel.....cut and turn it down....check for fit then harden...quench in oil.....polish then heat it gently to nearly a blue colour....it will be nice and hard but not too hard and will allow a tiny bit of flex...and not too hard to damage the hammer

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I have made a few firing pins out of Silver steel, works perfectly so long as you get the hardening and tempering correct, as ditchman said, after hardening polish and temper to a blue colour, use the suggestion by old farrier but don't get your tempering block to hot as you want a slow temper, if you have access to a furnace you can do a proper job on the heat treatment and tempering.

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