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How long shooting?


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21 minutes ago, bottletopbill said:

Hi Chris legs getting worse still no further  on now left elbow as torn ligament and need surgery on.

Soon there be more metal than bone( the Mrs will be weighing me in for scrap metal )

But reading the above comments our times as a kid was great  bird nesting and catapults  plus air rifles . making hay jumps with bales then jumping out of trees into the bales.

Massive rope swings come on guys who used to go out looking for pram wheels to make a trolley.  

Made on ten years ago and the two foster girls loved it they wanted to take that when they moved on the joy they got from junk.

Sorry to hear about the legs and the elbow.

We did make our own fun as youngsters. Always had a trolley on the go. Even put a sail on one and had a land yacht. That was fun.

Made what we called a pulley (now known as a zip wire) and rope tied between two trees across then glen. Kept us occupied for hours.

Yep, I had a wonderful childhood. Money was scarce but we certainly knew how to occupy and enjoy ourselves.

I had a passion for climbing trees and often sat at the top of an old oak tree for hours. I learnt more about wildlife reproduction (and the human kind) from the top of that tree. It was in a spot often used by courting couples totally unaware of my presence and obvious interest to learn about such things.


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19 hours ago, TOPGUN749 said:

It is 50 years this month since I got my first shotgun certificate age 14, it cost £1 I believe then and lasted 3 years. No need for a cabinet in those days,we could keep guns anywhere really,and some were hung on the wall.Cartridges were about £1 for 25,or £9 for 250.

Who can remember even further back than me?

53 yrs for me, bought a SB Coey [£5] from a neighbouring farmer who also gave me permission for pigeons on his 40 acres which included 15 acres of under-sown clover he also gave me a sack of very old Shooting times ! . decoyed from a bale hide in comfort, progressed to next door farm of 400 acres with a few small woods and bought a new AYA Yeoman which i had opened out cost less than £50

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Got my first SGC in 2008, complete newby at the age of 43. The first and only member it family and friends to take up shooting. I joined this forum before I had ever pulled the trigger of my first shotgun. Sadly with the high cost of fuel, cartridges and lack of shooting opportunities this may be my last season. So sad but fly fishing and sea angling will be my main focus

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been shooting for 60 years,loved every outing all ways had lots of land to shoot on,dont go out so much as i did but still love it.just got my licence renewed for another 5 years,see how it is is 5 years time,if i renew again.see what rules they bring in im sure some one will come up to make it harder to renew,

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On 06/08/2022 at 10:09, scouser said:

My first was a chrome  GAT  in 1961 age 10, followed by a BSA meteor, walks  up & down the Leeds & Liverpool thinking I was a big game hunter.

How long until you moved onto post offices?? 😉😂

On 05/08/2022 at 17:09, wymberley said:

Went into the local hardware shop with Father in 1954 to get me a penknife for fishing on my 10th birthday. Came out with an air rifle which YB will recognise - a Diana Model 1.

My first air rifle, was my dads, which was a Dianna Model 15 - and I still have it

I went on to join the forces of which obviously shooting was a feature - 9mm pistols upto 84mm anti-tank on one occasion. 

I was looking at doing clay pigeon but then children came along and other things until I was diagnosed with a tumor on the bottom of my brain (that was terrifying) and it gave me a kick up the proverbial and I took up shooting clays about 8 years ago now

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