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Test Valley CPC - change of ownership

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So last sunday was the last farewell to the old ownership, and in with the new. 

Farewell to Sue and Dave, and of course the formidable Andy and his wife Miranda. 

Good luck to William and Aimee who take it over, and hopefully inject a new generation of enthusiasm and joy into the club! 

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5 of us were members there , got the same old on report nothing changes stands , we came across an empty stand and sent 2 clays up to see what was what , the old guy jumps out b@****s us for doing so , with that went 5 paying people every other Sunday plus our membership fees never been back , hope the new people have a better attitude!

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I've had similar, Sam. Once accused me of shooting 2 more than I should have, and in a loud and annoying voice that I stole 2 clays in front of a crowd. I was in a group of 6 persons and a separate scorer, all who were happy to say I only shot the pairs required. Rather than apologise he said he would pay for the 2 clays out of his own pocket.

Luckily the company I held made up for the ground, but yes it could do with more variety. I really hope the new folk do a job of making it a great place to shoot on a Sunday!

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12 hours ago, sam triple said:

Well looks like his attitude hadn’t changed then his rant at us cost him at the time around £1500 pa 

I dread to think of the condition of the guns he still has from the shop he wrapped up a few years ago, I am guessing they're not all regularly maintained and lubed. 

I wish he had let Andy take the site over. Details of which I'll leave off a forum, but I really hope the new owners are wanting to shake things up and have the rights to expand and adapt the layout to use what is a beautiful wooded area with so much potential! Even just getting a few more traps could take it up to a 70 bird shoot from 50 to generate more income, or even a good 100 layout!

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4 hours ago, sam triple said:

As far as I’m aware nothing has been sold , they are running the clay shoot only 🤷‍♀️

shooting rights yes. Not sure about equipment, club house etc. I do believe David has kept ownership of the land. But, I am hoping they'll let them use more of the land. Maybe take down the skeet (which frankly I actually really enjoy but it's underused) and put up another 3-4 stands maybe.

ohhh, avoid the 2 winged whirley birds from next door! (Popham airfield for anyone not getting that comment!)

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  • 2 weeks later...
Hi all,
We are the lucky couple that are taking over the Test Valley reins for this beautiful clay shoot.
We thought we’d pop on and introduce ourselves ready for our very first shoot this Sunday 23rd April!
My husband Will has been shooting since he was 12, getting really into clay shooting at around 20, and currently in the process of becoming a CPSA instructor (watch this space for lessons coming soon) and I picked up my first gun and gave clays a go after meeting Will in 2019. Safe to say I fell in love with shooting pretty fast and now have my licence and own gun.
Will runs his own plumbing and heating business, while I own my own cakes and sweet treats business (test tasters will be needed 😉)
We have a Labrador girl Flow and a baby on the way, and with my parents helping out too we really will be a family run business!
We are so looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible on Sunday and getting to know you all.
There will be a couple of subtle changes but nothing too extreme and a questionnaire available in the clubhouse for you guys to fill in so we know what you like and what you don’t!
The usual refreshments will be on offer cooked by myself - let’s hope for good weather and have an awesome day!
50 bird - £20
70 bird - £28
Skeet - £10
(Card machines will be available)
*anyone buying cartridges will need to provide a Licence for us*
See you all Sunday!
Will, Aimee, Flow and Bump x
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15 hours ago, Centrepin said:

50 bird, £20. Aren't they a bit expensive. 

£5. more than the going rate for a 50 bird?

I shot at EESG today, big place like that and .35p per clay.

My 200 today would be £10 more there. Smacks of profiteering.


8 minutes ago, HantsRob said:

No. 40p is reasonable for Hampshire. 

owls lodge is 45p

spitfire is 40p

hownhall is 45p

bisley is 46p

Northampton is now 40p per target for "birds only" at registered events.

I am happy to pay that and as ever you get what you pay for and if you don't like the price go elsewhere. 

There are plenty of places I could choose to go to and would gain very little from practicing there at lesser cost.

I need to feel I am being made to work at the targets in order to gain from the day, just smashing loads of easy clays is not my way of doing it.

Went all the way down to Barbury Shooting School near Swindon on Wednesday, that is a nice ground.

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On 22/04/2023 at 08:04, TIGHTCHOKE said:

I need to feel I am being made to work at the targets in order to gain from the day, just smashing loads of easy clays is not my way of doing it.

Went all the way down to Barbury Shooting School near Swindon on Wednesday, that is a nice ground.

I wish I had known, I was off on Weds and would have been good to grab a coffee with you! Barbury is my local and with membership it's 30p a clay. As it's a premier ground I also get variety and it changes every time. Also, Owls/Purbeck/Bisley etc do give a really good day of some easy stuff and some tricky ones for the sharper shooter!

Back to Popham..... it wasn't the best first day shoot, they had DTL score slips rather than skeet, and the change of layout caused some delays with a large group shooting 70 rather than 50 birds (same stand, more shots). But, it had some fun stands and some tricky ones, and really was a good varied shoot for all. I think with practice they'll get more slick and the site has potential to be great!

For £20 it was a fun day out, and agreed with what someone else wrote... I went to shoot with friends, the friends is just as important!

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