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Recommendations on a clay trap for home use?

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As the title says I’m looking at getting my own trap. I will be probably be using it on my own so one with a radio would be good. 
I have looked at the bowman supermatch but it’s just out of my price range. 

thank you 

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The American ones, that are released by a foot pedal seem attractive. Yet, in truth, the metal is quite flimsy and IMHO I would not want to use a foot release pedal when also holding a loaded shotgun.

My advice? Pay once, cry once and get the thing you'll likely regret not buying from the outset. Bowman near Newark do an automatic trap with a quite small "cassette" magazine for self use but, as you say, that is out of your price range. 

What about thinking outside the box and getting a manual trap and then adapting that to use a simple wireless remote control, as with a model 'plane or boat, to actually operate a rod to push the arm to launch the clay?

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Like most things , you get what you pay for, Promatic do a low cost model, we have also used one from Acorn traps called rapid  90. This was very good little trap and would recommend as cheapest option. 

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I'd avoid GDK, the main strain-bearing part (attaching the spring to the motor/thrower) on one I use has worn out quickly and the customer support is not great IME. Metal quality doesn't seem good enough. We've had to have a part custom-made from higher quality steel. 

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