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For sale is my Walther rm8 .22, (reluctant sale, but needs must),  it has uprated hammer spring with a stainless top hat for smoother bolt action(is very smooth, see images - these internals are circled in red).  it has also an air fective carbon fibre 2 stage shroud(makes this gun very quite). 2 stage adjustable trigger, walnut stock. Gun Is in great condition had very few absolute minor little marks,  also has a full adjustable swivel bipod fitted(one of the bipod legs has no spring) .  Message if interested please , Also has PAO red dot sight, and sling screw fitted also.

chrono'd at avg. 11.4ft/lb with JSB exact diablos 15.89g .22.

Also comes with original barrell weight and a custom bolt handle should you wish to fit it made with 9mm shell casing.

and also the original fill adapter with a quick fill connector.

Feel free to ask anything about this advert i am more than happy to answer any queries.!!


Update: i do have a bsa gun bag for this rifle although it is tatty, but will send with it , should  you want it.


For everything seen and mentioned in advert: see below 👇

£200..collected.😁 Air rifle is in Grimsby, N E LINCS

£225 posted.😁

Open to very sensible offers.

Gun can either be posted for a fee after bank transfer, or how ever we arrange it, RFD or to yourself, either way no ship till payment received,  or cash on collection. (May meet at a mutual location depending) no time wasters please.


Daughter start uni in few weeks and I'm trying to raise some funds thank you.


PLEASE Leave A MESSAGE ON the forums HERE or DM me if you are seriously interested, thank you for your time viewing my item.

Or alternatively,

Call/txt:  07555 213 043










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Thought of more to add to advert such as the rest of bits that would come with the item.
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6 hours ago, robsmyth said:

Thought you'd agreed to sell this to me 

Nothing heard since 

I pm’d him the other day, no reply.

Hasnt been on the forum since Thursday 🤷🏻‍♂️


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Just now, ditchman said:

2 posts .......well and trusted member....whats not to like ?

Happens regular now only join to sell or scam. 

There should be be a minimum post requirement before gaining access to to the sales forum. 

They have it on other sites. 

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