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Blatent scam adverts

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2 hours ago, sandspider said:

The whole "clean title" business and "tires" is American, more signs of a copy and paste scam.

I listed a pushchair on Facebay a couple of weeks ago. 5 enquiries in 20 minutes, all scammers.

If i send them a message on facebay , gumtree i never receive a reply so i am thinking scammers 

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12 hours ago, smokingdragon said:

I've sold camping fridges and IT bits, kids bikes and never had an issue. Obviously  yo have to filter the t w @ t s


Bought  quite a few bits and pieces without issue just have to use common sense .

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Facebook is plagued with tool stacks - £75-85. Ask to collect and you get the same spiel - new firm running a limited sale - please send money. I asked about cash on delivery, but the message doesn't appear to be getting through.

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I have sold lots of bits on Facebook, and brought a few bits. You just have to put up with non arrivals, and people who say that they are going to get a their brother to collect it. Recently sold most of these sticks with no real problem 


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hello, it is not only motors watching scam interceptors ? people are still falling for the Amazon call trick loosing £1000s , there are companies set up in India to do just that, i decided not to advertise my old Dihatsu Terios for this reason, a reasonable PX from a local garage and pick up a new to me Ford Fusion next week 👍

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