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This is funny


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I've had spiders hanging on door mirrors for dear life when they've made webs on my car.

Yesterday, my brother went with a farmer for a ride taking cattle to market. When coming home a mouse appeared sitting on a wiper arm, then disappeared down into the engine bay. When they got back to the farm, lifted the bonnet and found a mouse nest.

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It's the nest of vipers that you should be concerned about, although, thinking about it,  a minicomputer at work in the early 80s was trashed by a mouse setting up home in there and piddling on the circuit boards. We only knew when it stopped working.

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I have a resident spider as well. Been there for quite a while. 

When the other half was driving last week, I asked why she was slowing down on a clear road.....you've probably guessed the answer.

"The spider is having trouble getting back inside the mirror." ..........I kid you not. 🙄 "Doh!"

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