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29 minutes ago, B725 said:

What's the best way to cook brisket?

Can do as pot roast in water with veg for 4-6 hours in oven at 140 or so, or I like to buy a bbq rub, do both sides, wrap in foil and cook for 3.5 hours then rest for 20 mins a then rub with a bbq sauce slice and serve

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30 minutes ago, B725 said:

That's the way none of that putting grass cutting and bits of hedge in it 👍

20 mins before end remove meat from liquid and stick on a roasting tray and crisp up in oven. Rest for 10 mins then slice and it’s beautiful 

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Down here in the posh part of Sussex I make stracotto with a nice bit of brisket like that. On Saturday evening stick the brisket into the slow cooker pot (without switching it on) with onions, carrots, fennel, tomato paste, beef stock, a sage and rosemary bouquet garni and a bottle of red, then let it marinate overnight. Switch the slow cooker on first thing Sunday morning and leave it alone until late afternoon/early evening. To serve I take about half the gravy and some veg out and put into a saucepan, then zuzz it with the hand blender and reduce to make a sauce which you eat with some pasta as a first course. Slice up the brisket into nice thick slices and serve with the rest of the veg and gravy as the second course. All washed down with more red wine and some chunks of fresh home made bread. It’s like Tuscany-on-sea!

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