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FX Pressure Gauge


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Hi guys,


The air cylinder pressure guage on my fx crosn MKII, the screws have come loose, i tried to fix it but the whole things come apart, I havent the tiny tools or the eyesight to fix it.

Where can i buy a replacement, ideally just a single fixed unit rather than the **** open workings unit fitted already. 


Would this work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193786592683?hash=item2d1e94bdab:g:Hj8AAOSws9VgCuFD&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0BLLgVXdlBIKB36UgwFqt9lHm3tCrjnEJZWxWXCircYp%2Fi9DJfkXr8FE3vrXUIWRotUcF9YaPR5kuj3Idbn8%2FGdDNZzcRni%2BPaFoj%2FLsz%2BUIYKUVWllGZne1EIlCerajlwW0OLlMF8tOlDBJ64W9s3VSrJxjpZHWnep6Mps6fyYjHVKlq9351yEpp4GOYek7KAaqsToD8eSirI1CBMPe%2Bv%2B6Gniz0rqx71yeg1Eg4YV7ciQ8OFJ7WRg%2B5N3G73zv2gzBb%2B2UQ80lCs%2FKaSYScBo%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9iprLOyYw


Also, do i need a new seal for it? I'm sure theres videos showing how to remove the old one and fit the new one.




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