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I need help please?

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Right I am at a loss, my sons insurance has been declined, the underwrites have said they suspect a fraud, the reason is him and his friends sat up one night  on comparison sights, compering insurance on cars, they used different email address but used his car and reg no. I have emailed various insurance company's who gave us a quote but they are not interested, as for underwriters there a phone number one hour 27 mins no answer twice I have tried. So where do we go now please. Thanks all

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Keep looking. There is no alternative. There are a fair number of companies who aren't on the comparison sites.

Not sure why you are doing the emailing, as this adds another person onto the number who have caused the problem. 

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14 hours ago, Nublue 22 said:

RAC and NFu want thousands, there's lots of good prices on the site's just will not except payment. Thanks 

I suspect that the "lots of good prices" are just "click bait" to draw people in.

I tried the comparison site route a few years ago and ended up trying to sign up with a 'well known name' for a multi car policy by that route who were (on the face of it) cheaper than my regular company (NFU Mutual).  However by the time I had got down to the nitty gritty details ...... various extras began to be added on, then one car (my old Defender 90) they wouldn't cover 'on that type of policy' .......... and at the end of the day, I'd wasted a lot of time, would have to have one car insured  'elsewhere' ....... and I just felt drawn in by a misleading advert that didn't deliver.  I was by the way (then) a 50 something year old with full no claims, 3 points (speeding), and clean claim record for over 20 years.

Result - stayed with NFU.  Not the cheapest, but genuine and helpful when I have needed to change vehicles, get a windscreen repair or add a driver short term etc.

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