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20 in a 35.


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Muncher's title was so good I had to purloin it. Apologies Muncher.

I have shot this rape field four times over the winter with little joy. 'This would be better in a wind' I told myself. Yesterday's wind was perfect.

Taking no kit I went the the leeward corner of a wood with adjacent well-eaten rape. Lots of droppings indicated recent pigeon use. A good thick and well maintained hedge would be my cover (Norfolk is sadly lacking in such features). A Magpie got me off the mark. Then followed ten hectic minutes when I fired far too many shots for little reward. Returning birds were sporadic to say the least but I had carried nothing other than a gun and cartridges so I was well pleased to get some sport. Good sport it was too, every bird coming low into the wind across the field then changing flying habits once the still air was encountered.

I picked twenty pigeons. This was good sport, the best for a while.

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I was of the same mind yesterday, patches of grazed rape on a very wet field showed some signs of activity, started well but just stopped after an hour and no more birds, home at midday with 12 birds, some cracking shots in testing conditions, cant beat it, well done on your 20. :good:

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A nice bag, sir.

It is refreshing to take little kit. It was certainly a bind to carry all of our gear and 20+ pigeons each, back 400 yards into a strong head wind yesterday.

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