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Drilled barley again


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nice bag of pigeons again, you have done well on those fields.

Shot a few white/cinnamon pigeons over the years, also a near white crow, the one below was shot some time back and its been in the freezer with the intentions of getting it stuffed but not got around to it yet, did shoot two near pure white pigeons on a big estate some years ago, on the same day, give them the head keeper who had them stuffed and mounted.



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58 minutes ago, B686 said:

Shot these in paddoc at the side of mine last year . With my camera. Havent seen one like this real dark compared to the others.



You said in your last post that you doubt you will shoot any more Pigeons till you go on the rape , I take that will be rape stubble , if that was the case then please be careful in letting your dog run around if the rape stubble is fairly short , this will scratch or cut your dogs belly , I always used to take mine and apart from the odd scratch I more or less got away with it , then last year , I am not sure why but our rape stubble was lethal , the stalks were like Aluminum rods and would had cut my dog to bits , I was getting some off our Pea  and the Barley stubble's so I left the rape alone to whoever wanted to shoot it and apart from the keeper who took his boy for one afternoon no one else wanted to go .  MM 

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