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Fortis clothing .

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13 minutes ago, holloway said:

Has anyone got any of there stuff ? if so is it worth the money ?

Got one of their coats there ok but nothing special. Deerhunter are as good and a lot less money. 

Check the recent reviews. 

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I was equipped with an Arktis (now Fortis) jacket and overtrousers suit and 2 jacket liners when at work around 1996. It far outweighed the normal uniform issue. I requested the 'green' colour and not the black. I used the suit in some terrible weather conditions,  both at work and for shooting. I retired in 2001 and i was allowed to keep the suit, which has been worn for beating and picking up a couple of days a week throughout the game season.  It was also my pigeon shooting and fly fishing wear, in all but very warm weather. I have replaced one of the 2 liners, the quilted one. It is a superb jacket in its own right, and is showerproof.  It is just a bit too warm inside the waterproof outer jacket. I am still using this waterproof suit and although I have not exactly tried to destroy it, neither have I been over careful with it. I do not own any older waterproof gear, but a lot have come and gone in the lifetime of my Arktis gear. It is still as waterproof as the day I got it, which includes often sitting in a pool of rainwater on my boat seat. On several occasions, my boat partner complains of being 'damp' inside his waterproof clothes. I remain completely dry. The wired hood and the chin flap leave only your eyes exposed, if you so wish, during exceptional conditions. I can not rate this equipment highly enough and I have no connection with the company. One of my shooting pals owns a lightweight pack away suit (now discontinued) by the same company and he wouldn't be parted from that either. Pricey, maybe, but I don't think the quality could be beaten. 

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I have one of their Smocks and is fantastic, very waterproof and reasonably breathable. I wear it beating (3 to 5 day a week) on days I know are going to be wet, just showers I would wear something else. They are at The Royal Cornwall Show this year so want to look at their other jackets and trousers. As items are made to order in Devon there is a 10 weeks lead time so I will order early for this season.

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