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23 hours ago, Zoli 12 guage said:

different weight, different length, different baffle configuration/design equals different harmonics and therefore ballistic result.

always check/re-zero👍

you owe it to your quarry 

will do👍

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On 13/05/2024 at 08:18, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, it is always worth checking zero after changing any silencer , more so on a Air Rifle, 

Hello, just to add i never found the POI very far out after doing the above, maybe 1 click either way on the scope

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I never had a lick of bother with my air arms set up then one night my son dropped it when we where on the rabbits  and i think he damaged the moderator we fitted a new and have nothing but bother you got to keep checking the zero 

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