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I thought I would do a little follow up on the event. It was a beautiful day here in SW Scotland and Hoddom Castle did us proud allowing use of the field by the river Annan. We had stands for, scouts, bee keeping, air rifle shooting, wildfowling, fly tying, fly casting, red squirrel protection, rural policing, archery, and even a glider. I was largely involved in the fly tying but had also arranged the wildfowling.

gates opened at 10.00 and we immediately had children and parents with us. My first two hours were non stop teaching fly tying. I also managed to get a little time to help with the fly casting later in the day.

By the end of the day we had taught over 60 children to tie their first fly. All are entered into a free competition with the winner getting a fly tying kit!

wonderful day with enthusiastic youngsters!


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That is brilliant Dave and what a lovely day out for the next generation , superb setting and good to know that there are people about who are prepared to give up there free time to help and teach youngsters what we once took as a normal upbringing . WELL DONE :good:

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Well done sir I have done this type of shooting display not only for  youngsters  but also the older generation  since the 1970,s  what shooting is all about then it was at least 4 shows per year . These shows  take a lot of work   preparing your exhibits  and then cleaning after  which takes a week before and the same after.


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22 hours ago, cash1 said:

Well done, will this be an annual event? 

We are expecting it to be an annual event. I know the Director would like to keep building on it and run others through Scotland. If there are any of you out there who would like to get involved please do contact Ken to discuss!

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