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Motorcycles and hearing protection

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Ok boys and girls I need some help . I rode 280 miles today and my ears are ringing after the wind noise . 
What are you using ?
It was mostly motorway miles today averaging erm 70mph 😆

I need to order something for next time .


also can you use intercoms still with plugs 

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I use these, they do a good job while letting you hear your intercom., i try to look after my hearing which was damaged in the military when my head took a knock and left me with very loud  tinnitusi n one ear. strangely after knowing i was a bit deaf for 30 years i went and had my hearing checked 2 months ago, in 10 days time i will get two hearing aids, i was a bit deafer than i thought lol.

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7 hours ago, Spr1985 said:

I believe custom fit guards make motorbike variants of the shooting plugs they make, quite possibly Bluetooth compatible too might be worth a look. 

I use their hearing protection when i'm shooting and they are great. I did see on their website motorbike variants.

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I've been using the instant fit one from Specsavers for the last 2 years and found them good at reducing the noise level IF you can get a good fit, mine seem to work loose as soon as I put my helmet on, so  I've just ordered some Alpine MotoSafe Race Ear Plugs from Sportsbikeshop for £ 15.00, hopefully these will be a little more secure.

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