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Pheasant Surprise

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51 minutes ago, JKD said:

Were you pleasantly surprised ? 🙂

It's ok,,,, I've already got my coat 😆

It was lovely but we have had this loads of times, a sure fire winner for a cold day.

Ironically we all call Shepherd or Cottage a PIE (as in, mash covered) , but it is not !.

A pie has to be encased in pastry, shortcrust in our house , I do not like Puff or as I call it, Poof 😁 pastry.

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4 hours ago, JKD said:

I do like mash covered meals with a browned off top 😋 Like shepherd's/cottage pie etc 😆😂 Does anyone know why they are called 'pies' ?

its Roman..latin Pica...magpie collecting things.....french twist....PIE

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