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Pics from NZ

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Sorry, tacked these on to another post and a moderator must have quite rightly moved them in to their own thread. Anyway, life goes on, fishing and hunting! Any questions about these activities or life in general in NZ, fire away! 

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Sorry, life has got in the way a bit! All the pictures have good stories, but the boar was the most recent and most exciting...

I went down to Taranaki (West Coast, North Island) with a mate for a hunting trip. I really wanted a boar, so ignored many wild goats on our long walk through a large valley system on the first day. Eventually, we came over a spur and my mate saw a boar. Ranged it at 180 metres down a steep incline. I was using a new rifle (Tikka .308 16" barrel) and had literally just zeroed it and done a little target practice out to 200 metres. I was shooting well and my mate encouraged me to take the shot. I was shooting off a tripod which provided a stable platform.

Pulled the trigger, aiming at the left shoulder. Thwack! Very much the sound of a hit, but the boar didn't seem to be too bothered. It carried on about it's business and trotted off in to some nearby bush. Thinking I had missed my chance, I was keen to go back to camp and drown my sorrows. My mate thought otherwise and was convinced it was a good hit. He persuaded me to walk down in to the valley to have a look. Once we got down, there was nothing to be seen, no animal, no blood. Again, I was ready to go back to camp and again, he denied my request, saying we should just sit tight for a while. We did and unbelievably, he spotted some slight movement in the trees, then he saw the animal. We didn't know exactly where it was at all times and knew there was a risk of being charged which added to excitement levels!

Eventually, we saw the animal in a small clearing making it's way towards the next spur. With only a moment to spare, I put another round in to it's neck and it fell where it stood. This was at a range of about 50 metres. Stoked!

I'm sorry the animal wasn't killed cleanly with the first shot, but I'm pleased that we managed to catch up with it. 90% of the credit for this hunt went to my mate who first saw the animal, encouraged me to take a shot and wouldn't let me give up until it was in the bag. 

On butchering the animal, we discovered that the first shot had cleanly broken the left femur very close to the joint. This was a 165gr hollow point projectile running at 2674 ft/s (muzzle velocity). How the boar not only survived this impact, but was able to move around quite normally afterwards is a testament to the resilience of these animals. 


3 minutes ago, 7daysinaweek said:

Some lovely fish!

That is a cracker of a rainbow.


Thanks mate, that's a whole other story! 10 hours fishing and one bite which resulted in this fish. It was worth it!

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1 hour ago, Dave at kelton said:

Lovely to see the pics. Loved our six weeks touring and cruising. If I weren’t the age I am etc well……… 

Keep them coming when you can please,

Thanks mate. 

3 minutes ago, holloway said:

Excuse my ignorance but what sort of duck / goose is that ?

Paradise shelduck. More goose than duck.



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