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Stegt Flaesk


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Some more Sandi' nosh...........jersey spuds cooker and tossed in loads of fresh mint and butter.....parsley sauce ...and belly pork steam roasted and then grilled with a Ligonberry and dark sugar and a bit of cider vinegar baste ..shoved on with a back of a spoon

this i will do again....quick ..easy ...very very tasty

read somewhere that yer average Sandi' person eats 70kilo of pork a year..:w00t:............and they love Ligonberry or Cranberry with damn nera everything





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23 minutes ago, williamwansbeck said:

Redcurrant jelly terrific with pork ,cuts the fattinessĀ Ā 

quite agree.............find redcurrant jelly a little bit tooo sweet sometimes ...so i use ligonberry or cranberry now

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