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Building a gun storage unit….


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reason the top drawer only covers 3/4 the width is because the 3 guns I have are all roughly 40”

The one I don’t have but want is the HW98 which is 43”. Should just fit 😬 




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3 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Coming along nicely.    :good:


Just had an alert from screwfix that my hinges are ready for collection. Not sure I’m pleased or not, they’re gonna be a pig to fit. 😂

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Sorry to everyone for the slow progress, believe me I’m frustrated. The weather is just awful and being MDF I can’t risk it getting wet.

It was dry Friday after work so cracked on with the hinges. Did a mock up first using two scraps of MDF to ensure I understood how much tolerance I could get away with  as I wanted the door set deeper rather than flush. 

Once happy with the door action I turned my attention to routing the grooves to match the sides. 

The heavens opened and pretty much stayed that way all weekend.

A few pics to show the door fitted. Also filled the screw holes and cut and routed the cap for the top.

I’m hoping to sand the filler and fit the bottom panel

Need to decide best way to hold the barrels ? Also fit a door stop inside. The two drawers can be built after the box is completed.

Still not sure whether to fit a lock or not.



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As predicted the weather stopped progress but not before I’d managed to fit the top and bottom panels.

Gorilla Glue, first time I’ve used it, caught me off guard 😂 the top cover stuck before I managed to align properly. I now have to shave 2mm off one side…Doh!!

Ive added another picture which I hope shows off the V grooves beautifully. I’m confident once it’s painted in satin white it won’t resemble a gun cabinet at all - that was the goal all along. 



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